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Jan 9, 2017
My God....

I got a Ph.D degree last year in September. Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry. Who was behind me for my successful? Ups...!!!!! I felt so looong not opening my blog...and now wow just feeling glad to be able write something again here. I am far away from Tokyo, Japan but my heart still be there...! It had been a beautiful life since I met DR.Takahashi Atsuo who spent much time with me and guiding me all Japanese character that I did not know... Not only much time he has given me but...knowledge, energy, and all his life.. At the moment we separated each other...separated by a big ocean and huge barrier that I am not sure what.... I just surrender to the God for all my life now and then.. I hope I am able be be strong root of the country tree....Indnonesia.

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Jan 24, 2011
my Soul .....

Why the people have a tight suffer when something they love leave them? Why the deep suffer is coming when the wonderful moment lost from our life? The answer is they have heart inside their chest..nin gen ni wa kokoro tsuiteiru kara sa-----!!! Sou daneee..!! Kokoro wa suterereba tsurai koto ga naku naru kamo..! If we have no heart the suffer will not be coming...!

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Mar 9, 2009
My DeeP LoVe~~Endang

Dear all friends and my students...,how are you doing?

We are now in the beginning of spring...,will we do `hanami `? It is strange question for you all living in Ina....or other place with no spring season...LOL.Big Smile.

I am still living in Tokyo till getting old might be...? Well.....,talk about sakura..and a Love. Agree ? Go for it ! Read carefully !

Sakura is like the Lord`s paper flower that make you have a special atmosphere inside your heart..., as for me I had a wonderful moment in the last year spring..,don`t know how would be for this year..?! is so cloudy..the same what I am feeling now...gloomy ..! Let`s talk about a Love..

Sometime I forget that the secret of love is that it is a gift, and that it can be made to grow only by giving it way. Love has its own time.its own season, and its own reason for coming and going . I can`t bribe it or coerce it, or reason it into saying.

I can only embrace it when it arrives and give it  a way when it comes to me. Love is so nice coz coming from the Lord. But....if it chooses leave from my heart or from the heart of him, there is nothing I can do and there is nothing I should do unless feeling so suffer and surrender to the Lord while thinking what does this mean? Why is so hard to know it?

Yeach, Love always has been and always will be mystery. Sometime they are in fron of us to embrace us,  but we need other love that we don`t know where are they??

I am glad that it come to live for even a moment in my life...!

Don`t deny Love just only you don`t want to be hurt  or something you worry because all of them ( the Love) to be arranged by the Lord.

In my deep of Love..,

Tokyo,Spring`09, n 

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Feb 21, 2009

A proverb is a short , well-known saying that expresses a common truth or belief.

Proverbs are found in most cultures are often very old. Do you sometime saying a proverb when you talk ? I sometime do Smile !


For many years, Franklin published a book called "Poor Richard's Almanac." He included many proverbs that he had heard or created. Some of them are still used today. Like this one: "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

Franklin is also remembered for other proverbs like, "A penny saved is a penny earned." This means that money should not be wasted. It doesn`t mean to make you to be STINGY hehehhee..! (Smile)...

Here are other examples of proverbs that we use. The first ones are about love. Some people say, "All is fair in love and war." They mean that anything you do in a relationship or in battle is acceptable.

Another proverb about love is, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." This means you love someone even more when he or she is far away. But other people say, "Out of sight, out of mind." You may not even think about that person when he or she is not with you. Which of these proverbs do you think is most true?

Both of them I think are most true, right?....but for the first one I will die to do it hikss...I am so weak person and I am pamper !!

  Another proverb says "Love is blind." In other words, when you are in love with someone, you may refuse to see anything bad about that person.

Here is another popular saying about love: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Some people believe that a woman can win a man's love if she prepares his favorite foods. 

Some people are only interested in having a relationship with someone who is very good-looking. You might tell them that "Beauty is only skin deep." Your girlfriend may be lovely to look at, but she may also have some bad qualities. Or the opposite may be true. Your boyfriend is a wonderful person, but not good-looking. So what a person looks like is not really important.

Another proverb is true in love and war or other situations: "Actions speak louder than words." It means that what you do is more important than what you say.

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Nov 2, 2008
hi is about the falling leaves, End.


The falling leaves.

It is autumn.....aki ni natta ne~~~!

The days are shorter. It is getting darker earlier each day. Often missing my morning prayer hiks...!!

The weather is cooler. The skies are gray. Birds fly south because they know winter is coming. The leaves turn colors of red and gold and then die, falling to the ground. Ohhk noooo..., I don`t want what I have now will be falling to the ground like them.

As for me , autumn is an exciting time of the year, I can view or just staring the beautiful colours of momiji , gin nan tree or others, here Japan.

But you know, for some people said that the falling leaves express sad emotion. Might be they are right...I also feeling deeply sad when September ENds.

Hmmm.., do you have some songs below ?

"Wake Me up when September ends", "Autumn Leaves" ( saddest song I have ever heard ), "Forever Autumn", "September Song" .

All of them express sad emotions but sooooo nice songs....! Well, I`d like to hear myself beat of Autumn ^_~.





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Aug 26, 2008
Still Living in Tokyo

Woooowww...! Two years disappear !! Miss you all a lots !!

Hi my friends, my students...., how are you doing ? Hope you are doing well !

Just Wanna say that I am still here in Tokyo, and  still studying at Tokodai ( Tokyo Institute of Technology ) in the major of  Polymeric Membrane Technology . makes my hair to be so curly...muzukashii na----/so hard but  hoping I can pass my hard days....!

Then I`d would like to   write something interesting for you all.

Have a nice day !

     The last of summer 2008 

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Sep 23, 2006 is nice to see you again/Endang

My Impressions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Endang Cd   

Tokyo is wonderful town and technologically advance in everything. A lot of places are certainly fun for shopping , eating ,relaxing or just looking around for it such as Shibuya , Shinjuku , Kamata , etc, but this town has a little bit difference, I think is "Harajuku"

Anyone visiting Tokyo for the first time should walk around Harajuku, Japan's center of teenage fashion. Along with neighboring Shibuya, it is a great place for people watching. Harajuku's street culture received a major setback a few years ago when the police department abolished the Sunday "pedestrian paradise" which was a major road closed off to traffic in favor of pedestrians and street musicians. But rather some of Indonesian people call one of the small Takeshita street as "Gang Senggol" Wow an unique name !!

However, the Harajuku culture is still alive and well. The area (especially that narrow alley called Takeshita-dori and the broad Omotesando) is still a magnet for Japanese youth. It is also a street fashion runway for self _expression. Shocking pink hair, floppy platform shoes, pierced lips and noses ,make up theirself to become "Ganguro" and home-made fashion of all kinds are modeled and paraded by real-life, wanna-be-different boys and girls.

This monthly magazine shows some of the "best-dressed" teenagers mainly in Harajuku and sometimes in other cities in Japan. Most are young girls. They are posed standing or sitting on the street, alone or with their friend. Apparently, the photographer stopped them on the street and asked to snap a picture. All the photos are in color and occupy a full page. Although it's not a thick magazine, it's a good value at 500 yen with high-quality printing.

Each photo has a caption (Japanese only) identifying each fashion item worn by the subject. This part is for informational purposes only and it does not seem to serve as advertisement. It might read, "Hair stylist: My friend" or "Shoes: My mom's."

The magazine has few distracting ads, making it very easy to thumb through. The middle pages of the magazine show letters from readers, interviews, or fashion-related articles. Would you like to become a magazine model ? Come there soon,don`t wait !

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Jun 12, 2006
Living in Japan--Endang

Time flies like an arrow is so fast. I have been living here in Tokyo-Japan for  four  and   a half make me so glad b`cos I  can look around  the Tokyo city and subburb of it...! Also I have ever gone to Okinawa that  has a nice beach but I have never been to Hiroshima that really I want to.

Hiroshima ?? Kankou chi dewanakute ne!! But...I wanna my dream come observe that place . Of course I remember about the atomic bomb that I`ve known since I was in the grade six of elementary school.

In World War II ,Japan joined forces with Germany and Italy. So now there were two fronts , or areas of battle-Europe and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. In late 1941 ,the United States joined the countries ( England,France ) in the fight against Germany and Japan . American troops were sent to both battlefronts.

At 8:15 a.m.  on August 6  1945 , an American military plane released an atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. In an instant , 80,000 people were killed. Hiroshima simply ceased to exist. People at the blast`s center were vaporized. All that remained was their charred shadows on the walls of buildings.

Three days later ,The U.S . dropped another bomb on another Japanese city,Nagasaki . My God.....I couldn`t imagine about the victims at that time caused by the nucleus reaction of one of  radioactive element. In this case I thought that "Chemistry is so dangerous" not "Chemistry is beautiful"...,right ? Sorry for a moment....!

Well , back to the bomb..., somehow  Japan is a great country ..It is remarkably agile like we know now.....Japan is the best !!!!!! Nihon ni ai shiteiru .......!!    

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May 21, 2006
the difference...,endang

Last April  9.2006  our school "SRIT" had a wonderful program visiting the USJ in Osaka . We really had a nice moment  together with some of students and SRIT`s teachers . Wanna have it again !

Well , with  a little bit  different  situation I went to the same place with Linggar   on Friday night of the 19th  of May .2006 by  keio highway bus. It`ll be takes  about 7 hours from Shinjuku to USJ Osaka. Then we started our trip at 10.30 pm. In the first sight  against the bus  I thought that it was just  an average bus without  a toilet  in it because I didn`t find  a space  in the behind of the last seat. I seated rightly  then I saw a pair of sandals under the seat in front of me. Actually , I found something special around me ,something like  the switch to turn on the small lamp using for  looking some stuffs we need when the bus is so dark,or you can have a small table for eating , and  it is quite convenient  travel bus I have ever known but I didn`t  find the toilet . When I almost reached my  three forth of the trip , suddenly I saw  the nice curtin in the rightside in the middle of the bus that I didn`t realize before.

I just wanna checked what is that  then I knew that  there was  a short stairs to go down. Wow... there was a white door and I`d rather doubt to opened it . Thanks God.I found it,TOILET. You know  I felt  nevous b`cos it was dark I think but....when I locked the door inside, the lamp was on automatically ...busyeet  Japan is really  technologically advance in everything . For a while  I remembered my trip from Jakarta to Pati /my beloved town by bus named SELAMET  that made me angry  caused of the driver  did smoke  unobey the rule of company. Zen-zen chigaimasu ne....???!!

Back to my story going to osaka , I arrived at the dream place of Ling`s at 6.10 I just stay awake and I didn`t believe it  ..I didn`t felt  that I just have it. It  was so fast....!!   Would you like to do the same thing ?  You`ll definetely be satisfied ,really!! Japan is the best ! Count on  and prove it  ! 

Well, enough !   

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Same people..,endang

Last April 9. 2006 , our school SRIT had a wonderful program to visited the Universal Studio Japan  in Osaka  and we really had a nice moment together with some of students and SRIT`s teachers.Wanna have it again !

Well , with the different situation I and Linggar went to the same place "USJ" last Friday night by keio highway bus . Wow, it was a nice trip with the great bus I have ever known. At the first time I thought that it`s small bus without the toilet,because in the behind of the last seat there is no space at all then I seated on my own of  it.

I saw the pair of sandals under the seat in front of me and I can use it  within my long trip. In fact, I found something special around me to make myself comfortable,something like turning on the small lamp under the seat for looking for some stuffs we need when the bus is dark, it is quite convenient travel bus I guess  but..I didn`t find the thing I thought "toilet" . Well , from Shinjuku it takes 7 hours to USJ Osaka. I started my trip at 10.30 pm .When I almost reached my three fourth of the trip,suddenly I saw the nice curtin in the right side and my God there was a small stairs to go down. I just wanna checked it  ..then.....I found the toilet down stairs ..,thanks God. I`d rather doubt to open the door and I went into the room . when I locked it,the lamp was on automatically. Really great,...Japan is technologically advance in everything . For a while I remembered my trip from Jakarta to Pati /my town by the different bus "Selamet". Zen-zen chigaimasu ne !!

Okay back to  my  history going to USJ , I arrived at the dream place of Ling`s at 6.30 am . I  didn`t believe was so fast....I just stay awake ..and I didn`t feel that I have it. Would you like to do the same trip going to USJ Osaka ? You`ll  definetely be satisfied,really ! Japan is the best !! Count on and prove it !!!



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